a thousand conversations
This series of works is a continuation of the exhibition The Erosion of Memories (2009) where I explored memories and the self through the fragile beauty found in the harsh weather extremes of the desert environment of Fowlers Gap, Broken Hill in NSW Australia.

Home for more than two years now, this series is the result of my continuous reflection on life and how experiences shape us.
... The works celebrate the human spirit and its ability to overcome the severe and sometimes discordant ways in which situations unfold and enfold us. Transcending the physical landscape, the works also reveal the inner physical landscapes of our mind, that which borders on the edge of consciousness. In our quest to attain and acquire, we sometimes lose our way and wander into a ‘wilderness’ where we question our true purpose and our life journey. This wilderness experience is not all bad; it sometimes brings back memories of a time when simplicity was satisfying and living for the moment was all that was required of us. There is a certain redemptive quality offered by braving that wilderness, it is there we are humbled and become more attuned to the suffering of human kind. It is where we begin to celebrate life.

a thousand conversations is about the conversations that we have in our heads, with ourselves. It also speaks of conversations we share with our friends and our environment, our attempts to find the sacred and how we come to resolution, acceptance and hope. As we go about our lives, as we engage and dis-engage in every activity, we are constantly in “conversation”.

The conversations I have with friends, the observations I make everywhere I go, the social and cultural norms that call to me in my day, words of advice, encouragement, instructions, feedback and more call to me all the time. The noise is distracting and in the cacophony, I lose track of what is truly important. It is when I am painting that I am able to achieve stillness. Through painting I connect with my ‘wilderness’ and find beautiful moments.

My art is instinctive, inspired by music, reflection and meditation. Through my work, I hope to capture a little of the ethereal and the sublime in the surreal landscape of the mind. The exhibited work reveals itself after many layers of glazing and reworking with watercolours and graphite. It is this process that allows me to resolve my own thousand conversations.
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