about artist
Charlotte Tan is a full time teacher and a practising artist, currently living in Singapore. She has exhibited in group shows in Sydney and solos in Singapore. She trained in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and obtained her BFA in the College of Fine Art (UNSW) majoring in Drawing and Painting.

In Sydney she participated in 7 group shows. In 2009, she had her first solo,Erosion of Memoriesat the Artshouse. This year, she exhibits in her second solo, a thousand conversationsat The Chapel Gallery in Sculpture Square.

She works on large and small-scale works on different surfaces like paper, claybords, fabrics, canvas and wood in mixed media.

Her works are inspired by music and her own musings and reflections about life - the utter unpredicatability and chaos that sometimes surfaces and the human spirit in overcoming the setbacks that leads to a celebration of one’s life journey.
solo exhibitions
"The Erosion of Memories"
Solo Exhibition at the Artshouse | April 2009
  • 15 works in mixed media
  • 2 works in watercolours on claybord
"a thousand conversations"
Solo Exhibition at The Chapel Gallery, Sculpture Square | September 2011
  • 20 works in mixed media
  • 7 works on fabric
  • 4 work in graphite on paper
group exhibitions Sydney
1200K WEST COFA Space
  • Tapestry from the Bush - Installation of small works in watercolours and poetry
  • Standing Tall
  • Carcass

  • Beautiful Grotesque (Award)

TWILIGHT - PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Erskinville
  • Lost
  • A Desert Song

CATAPULT - Kudos Gallery
  • Erosion of Memories - Quiet Pose
  • Erosion of Memories - A Desert Calling

COFA Open House
  • Erosion of Memories - Forgotten
  • Erosion of Memories - One Tree Hill
  • Erosion of Memories - Calling me once again.

COFA Open House Publicity
  • Artwork from A Desert Song for use of Publicity cards for the event
  • Artist Demo

COFA Graduation Show
  • Artworks from the Erosion of Memories

FROM the HEART - Maya Gallery. | April 2012
Opening. GOH Ms Janice Koh NMP for the Arts
666 North Bridge Road S(188977)

  • 7 works in mixed media on paper
  • Maya Gallery officially opened in the historic Kampong Glam on 12 April 2012 by Ms Janice Koh Nominated Member of Parliament for the Arts. From the Heart featured work from Singaporean Artists SUJAK RAHMAN, SUNAR SUGIYOU, JEFFREY WANDLY, Indonesian artist, ADJIE in oils, acrylics, watercolour, batik charcoal and Chinese inks. KARTO an established photographer presented his unique pin-hole cameras and Guest Artist ISKANDAR JALIL, local master potter and Cultural Medallion recipient,

HERE to STAY–Sculpture Square Gallery | July 2012 155 Middle Road S(188977)

  • 11 works in mixed media and watercolours
  • This exhibition featured works from YENN ANG, JULIE HEATHER LIEW, LOH WAN TING, XIN XIAO CHANG as well. Our works interrogated notions of memory transcending between the past and the present, nostalgia, evoking feelings and emotions for interpretation.

ENCORE – Maya Gallery | April 2013
666 North Bridge Road S(188800)

  • Series of 8 works on paper and claybord.
  • Small scale works exploring the themes of memory and self; the notions of being and personal histories.

“a-edge” 2014
Art Exhibition by Singapore Art Teachers

  • Desert Song
  • Mixed media on paper
  • 50 x 70 cm
  • Desert Inspiration
  • Mixed media on paper
  • 50 x 70 cm
community work PINK RIBBON 2013 - Circle of Strength | August 2013
Project with BCF (Breast Cancer Foundation)
  • Worked with 5 members who themselves are survivors from BCF to create a mini- collage painting depicting each other’s challenges and experiences. The paintings were co-ordinated over 2 sessions from 16 August 2013. The final individual artworks were painted at the soft launch of Pink Ribbon at Gillman Barracks on 24 August 2013.
  • The collaged work was finally presented to BCF on 24 August 2013 at the official launch of the Pink Ribbon event at Tangs. It would be then displayed in the BCF room in the new premises, officially opened in 2014. It has the names of the artists and their artist statements engraved in stainless steel.

Painting for Auction - in support of Pink Ribbon and BCF | October 2013
Love and being there …
  • Mixed Media on paper
  • 92 x 92 cm

commissioned works Love Beckoning | February 2012
  • Mixed media on paper
  • 104 x 164 cm

Serenity | July 2012
  • Mixed Media on paper
  • 50 x 70 cm

Seeking Stillness | October 2013
One Farrer Hotel
  • 17 works
  • 15 (50 x 70 cm)
  • 2 (60 x 90 cm)

publicity and awards AUGUST WOMAN | October 2013
Interview on art as therapy

"A-edge" | 2014
Interview on journey as art teacher and art practice.