one farrer
This series was commissioned by One Farrer Hotel and Spa to showcase the works of contemporary Singaporean and Asian artists. I experimented with many ways of preparing different grounds for this commission. I wanted something more hardy than paper, hence canvas. However, I wanted to retain the sensual and ethereal quality I got from watercolours as from my previous works.
The brief was to
... present the landscape using a vibrant colour palette with the same tranquility and peace as were my earlier works. Hence, this body of works in acrylic inks on canvas.
If one were to still oneself, take time to ponder on the works, one will sense the calmness and quietness of the trees amidst the backdrop of ‘noise’. Daily, we can still ourselves, focus on the hushed and the serene in us, to cut through the dissonance of the fast-paced activities of the day to find peace as respite, as sustenance for our souls.
Lighting the DawnHope ArisenEarly Evening EnlightenmentHopes RefreshedSummer DewAnd the Winds bring PeaceMorning Sight, Evening GazeThe Edge of ConsciousnessFight to LoveA Hushed SerenityBeat of the Silent DrumWhere the Rain fallsIn Silent EmbraceAutumn BreezesEarly Morning DewQuiet DiscoveryEvening Rest