speaking silence
This series has been inspired by my personal experience in the Australian desert where beautiful tree-forms have developed as a result of the extreme harsh weather. It is in the desert that the last vestiges of the fragile beauty of the bush now exist. Strong winds and erosion occur and not only do the trees still stand tall and survive, they thrive; beautiful, graceful and ever alive.

...Much of my work is borne through contemplation, reflection and meditation. The series and Desert Inspirations aims to celebrate the beauty of the washed out, blown away landscape in the dried creeks in Fowlers Gap, 1200 km west of Sydney using the subtleness of pencil and layering washes of water colours to depict the harsh vulnerability that exists there.

The Erosion of Memories are effects of my memories and experiences in my own life journey. Life changing experiences leave deep impressions but with time, memories will fade and in would come new challenges which triumph. Similar to trees, though we are 'bent' out of shape, we can still stand tall and survive.

That is exactly how the human spirit continues to thrive and celebrate!